Ant Dewson
Ant Dewson

Ant Dewson: Now That’s What I Call Musical Comedy

4/5 stars
Review by Elaine Reid.
Published 06 August 2013

Ant said that performing in the staff room felt like a night singing at his auntie's house. If all their family nights are like tonight, I want an invite.

Ant offers a musical comedy feast. He is witty, eloquent and a rhyming riot (he knows 99 rhymes for one word in particular in fact). Yes he's got an adult edge, but he apologises endearingly for it in advance. His songs, backed by his adept piano playing, are delightfully varied, from a song which explains why it's easier to be faithful when you're ugly, one about his friend with a potato for a head to his consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant song. Carol Voderman should be proud to have this man as her fan.

Did I mention he hands out chocolate, gives you a chance to stretch halfway through and and lets one member of the audience tap out some beats on a tambourine? By the end of the show he asks if he can go a bit darker for the penultimate song? Smitten, we urge him on to his rhyming crescendo.

He says he's the guy from school who would have been beaten up. A geek with glasses. He tells bullies to look at him now (wiping the sweat from his brow and glancing round the scatty walls in the tiny venue) he's living the dream. Bullies take note, this guy is going places. I predict his venue will be much bigger next time. [Elaine Reid]

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  • I saw Ant in Ipswich (warming up for Edinburgh) and he was hilarious. My cheeks hurt afterwards from laughing. Thoroughly recommend getting to see him if you haven't already. I was humming his filthy songs for days afterwards....

    Posted by Anna Caston | Wednesday 07 August 2013 @ 17:47

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  • I should declare an interest but nevertheless, I thoroughly agree. This show is fantastic. Your best yet!

    Posted by Ed Dewson | Wednesday 07 August 2013 @ 19:34

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  • I've seen Ant before and he's hilarious. I couldn't quite make it to Edinburgh to see him this year, can't wait to do so next time. Jolly well done.

    Posted by Andrew Jillings | Friday 09 August 2013 @ 00:45

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  • just saw him at the Edinburgh festival, after being taken back by the small venue and thinking it might have been a bad choice me and my freinds LOVED his show, we left with our cheeks hurting, definatly deserves a bigger venue. A must see.

    Posted by karen | Wednesday 14 August 2013 @ 20:58

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  • As someone who has written the odd comic song myself, I was extremely impressed with Ant's wordplay and beautifully constructed musical gags. If that sounds a bit of an academic analysis, I should add that everyone in the room was laughing uproariously, including me! As he told us in his first song there were some clever intellectual jokes but also plenty of knob gags - and they were all funny! More please!

    Posted by Kit Packham | Wednesday 14 August 2013 @ 23:34

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