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Posted by Vikki Spence on Aug 11th, 2010 in Edinburgh Fringe Reviews

If you like your musical comedy with a bit of bite, then this show is for you.

Ant Dewson has a big organand he just about knows what to do with it. A Fringe virgin, he is here to enjoy a month off work while sharing some songs and trying not to offend people.

He has the audience laughing right from the start, even those who didn’t get chocolate. He talks us through his running order, giving warnings about some songs and describing ones he may not have time to play – at 45 minutes this is quite a short show.

His Twitter song is something special, made from every tweet he’s ever posted. There’s one song to which the audience can sing along. Any musical instruments you would like to bring are also welcome for this song – kazoos, maracas, cellos etc.

There was a kazoo in the audience on this occasion, and it enhanced the experience greatly.

The songs are clever and well-sung; they are alsoshockingly rude at some points. Probably best to wear ear plugs if you’re easily offended. If you like the Doug Anthony All Stars and B3ta.com, you will enjoy this show.

* * * * (4 stars)

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